I have always been interested in the occult and have dabbled in tarot on and off over the years. When the opportunity to study with biddytarot.com came my way I fully embraced it as a chance to learn more about the tarot and connect more fully to my intuition to listen to the messages of Divine Wisdom.

I had been looking for a way to enlarge my sphere of nurturing and advising and the tarot seems to be a wonderfully fulfilling modality. My practice in the art of tarot reading has opened my heart to receive messages of the spirit.

I am intuitive, empathic, occasionally psychic but I would say that my strengths lie in providing straightforward constructive readings that empower querents to make their own choices for positive action forward in their lives. So in that respect I fall under the “counselor” rather than psychic reader. I do not include forecasting dates, winning lottery numbers, health diagnoses or legal advice. My favorite readings are when the querent and I follow the line of cards together in a conversation. I am very good at asking leading questions so that the querent discovers their own answers.

I am a certified biddy tarot card reader and it would be my delight to read for you.