Shuffling the Cards: Energy Calesthenics

IMG_9747When I shuffle the cards in a tarot reading it feels like I’m exercising them. I use two methods primarily—fanning and overhand. To carry the metaphor further, the overhand method is jumping jacks and fanning is backbends. The movement of the cards charges the air with energy. I can almost feel the angel wings flapping, spreading negative ions throughout the space-time coordinates of the upcoming reading. 

For fanning: I split the deck in two and hold a section in each hand. With my thumbs as anchors I bend the cards slightly and then release them allowing them to coexist in their jog to the table. They are merging together in a rush of movement. Once they hit the pavement I bend them backwards so they keep an even spine. For the yogis and yoginis—cobra, cow and cat poses to circulate the chi.

For overhand: I cradle the deck in my left intuitive hand warming up the receptors for divine guidance. With my right hand of logic and intellect I take a section of cards from the back end and carry them forward and then backward in a rhythmic cutting of the deck. It’s a two step dance of right and left brain activity by way of my hands and a deck of cards. Sometimes the back and forth arc of cards resembles the rhythm of jumping rope with spirit waiting for the right moment to jump in.

Of course there’s always a third method—what we call the messy card shuffle where we spread the deck around on a table top in complete abandon. This is the highly aerobic activity for the cards, similar to zumba and guaranteed to stoke the grid for high energy transmissions.

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