Weekly Tarot Card – The Chariot Reversed

IMG_0211The Chariot is all about accessing and using one’s will and determination to manifest. You have the power to make things happen. The charioteer is ready and the sphinxes are awaiting his command. They are black and white symbolizing the duality of personal power, how the qualities of light and dark must work together for the best result. However here in this week’s card pull the Chariot is reversed. So beware of self-doubting, procrastination, the choir of negative voices in your mind starting to warm up for a concert. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE STAGE. Dig deep within yourself and reaffirm your intentions, call upon your higher self and your guides for support. Notice there’s a pretty lady in the left hand corner of the picture here springing to life? Like the charioteer who needs no reins because the power is within himself, so too like the lady here your energy and self-belief plus perseverance and determination are all within you to pull on to get the job done. Let light illumine your way and reach for the stars.

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