Weekly Tarot Card – Knight of Pentacles

IMG_1480A sturdy night sits atop a black work horse holding a golden coin. He’s accoutered in red accessories (gloves, robe saddle cloth which match his horse’s bridle and reins. A jaunty green feather springs out of his helmet matching the verdant landscape on which the pair stands. In the distance is furrowed land ready for seeding and mountains and trees further in the background. The sky is illumined yellow as in a bright sun shines. Pentacles are opportunities of an earthy kind–business, building, growing. This fellow may be slow and plodding but he is persistent and extremely loyal. There’s always something to be said about slow and steady winning the race and it’s good to have workers in your corner. Don’t pass him by should he offer you a golden coin. Take a long view and appreciate persistence over flashes of brilliance which can burn out quickly.

Weekly Tarot Card – Knight of Pentacles Reversed

IMG_0563The Knight of Pentacles has some very good qualities. He is reliable and persevering and doesn’t give up when the going gets tough. Sure he might not be the most exciting fellow but who would you rather have on your team in an episode of “Survivor”…Am I right? This week you may feel like running away from making those last finishing touches on a project at work, or finishing wrapping the gifts for under the tree in your Christmas celebration. Stick with it and call on the energy of this steadfast knight who offers the golden coin of opportunity. He is a workhorse like the gorgeous stallion he sits upon, ready, able and willing to carry you forward.