Weekly Tarot Card – Nine of Swords Reversed

IMG_2655The mind is a terrible thing to waste…on worries, conundrums, fears, anxieties, thoughts that you can’t control. Or maybe you can control them by refusing to allow them to take over your life. We see a woman waking up from a bad dream (her hands cradle her forehead) and nine swords fly through the dark night above her head. However, in this upside down image of reversal, the swords are on the bottom and the brightly colored flowers of the coverlet on the bed appear up top. The buddha’s lips seem to blow life into these flowers as if to say, “Focus your mind on the beautiful uplifting creations of the universe rather than the dark stratagems elicited from fear and worry. “Don’t worry, be happy.” You are leaving the entrapment of negativity.

Weekly Tarot Card – Eight of Swords

IMG_0250This week the tarot instructs us to be mindful of our negative thoughts that keep us trapped in a web of negativity. This beautiful woman in her gorgeous red dress is blindfolded and bound within a cage of eight swords. She stands suspended above a landscape of water and earth. She is neither grounded or connected inwards to her intuition. She is stuck, trapped, perhaps of her own making. Have you ever been told, “You’re overthinking things…” When the thoughts are negative they feed a victim mindset and one can feel helpless and hopeless. But look closely at this picture and observe more closely. What if the woman loosened the binding (it doesn’t seem too tight around her body) and then took off the blindfold. She would see the path of water in front of her and quite possibly the castle on the hill behind her and quite possibly the connection between the two. Looking for solutions rather than dwelling on the problems you will naturally be drawn to the light and all will be revealed.