Weekly Tarot Card – Two of Swords Reversed

IMG_0225.jpegIn Tarot swords typically have to do with mental activity, thoughts and communication. Twos are duality, choice and decisions. The picture shows a blindfolded woman sitting on a bench in front of a body of wavy water. She holds a sword in each hand and her hands are crossed in front of her heart. She is balanced and stable but fixed; however, because she is blindfolded we feel she is unable, perhaps refusing, to see the options clearly in order to make a choice or decision. Her white robe signifies purity and perhaps innocence. Is the blindfold of her own making?  In its reversed position, the Two of Swords is encouraging us to make a decision–to come to terms with this period of stasis and to get past that feeling of hoping things will take care of themselves and that the situation will find its conclusion on its own accord. The swords point downwards; it is time to remove the blindfold and see the options for what they are and to make a choice. You know more than you think you do. Trust in your perception. The waters ahead will always have rocks and obstacles. That’s a given. Make a choice and ride it through. You can always change course if you need to.