Weekly Tarot Card – King of Pentacles Reversed

IMG_3344The King of Pentacles is the quintessence of earthly success. He sits on his throne adorned with carvings of bulls (showing his alignment with the zodiac sign of Taurus), holding in one hand the golden scepter and in the other a golden coin. He wears a robe that is embellished with a lush pattern of grapes and vines. A castle looms in the distance. He symbolizes wealth and abundance. The reversal here encourages us to explore our relationship with money and wealth. We are spirit incarnated in a physical body and are here to enjoy the blessings of the earth. Individuals have different notions on the subject: to some this is a garden teeming with fruits and vegetables, to others a stunning car or vintage watch. The reversed King asks you to come to terms with your consciousness regarding wealth and abundance. Do you let it slip through your fingers, hold onto it for dear life, or rest somewhere in the middle?

Weekly Tarot Card – King of Pentacles

IMG_0347This week be on the lookout for a wealthy businessman, entrepreneur, bon vivant to step into your life. Perhaps he’s a wealthy uncle or the boss from overseas. He ushers in the good life, enjoys wining and dining and brings a sense of security and abundance. Don’t be too fooled by the ease and abandon. Notice the heads of bulls on this king’s throne? They refer to his Taurean nature where he can be stubborn and a bit narrow minded. However, it takes a lot to ruffle this fellow. He’s happy to enjoy the fruits of his labor and to extend this bounty to all in his sphere. Or perhaps this is a week for you to dream big and to treat yourself to a luxury item just to see how it feels…