Weekly Tarot Card – King of Pentacles Reversed

IMG_3344The King of Pentacles is the quintessence of earthly success. He sits on his throne adorned with carvings of bulls (showing his alignment with the zodiac sign of Taurus), holding in one hand the golden scepter and in the other a golden coin. He wears a robe that is embellished with a lush pattern of grapes and vines. A castle looms in the distance. He symbolizes wealth and abundance. The reversal here encourages us to explore our relationship with money and wealth. We are spirit incarnated in a physical body and are here to enjoy the blessings of the earth. Individuals have different notions on the subject: to some this is a garden teeming with fruits and vegetables, to others a stunning car or vintage watch. The reversed King asks you to come to terms with your consciousness regarding wealth and abundance. Do you let it slip through your fingers, hold onto it for dear life, or rest somewhere in the middle?

Where Spirit and Tarot Connect

Photo by Margaret Emory

At the beginning of a Tarot card reading I shuffle the deck of cards and say a prayer inviting spirit to come to me. What does that mean? I am focusing my energies into a higher realm and asking for divine guidance. I want to clear out my ego with its personal thoughts and emotions and allow spirit to infuse my consciousness. I am essentially clearing the way for that which I don’t know to become apparent. Because I do not know everything. That is the first lesson on my way to grace. Accepting that beyond all the study in the world the intellect is not the final ruler is perhaps, for me, the greatest lesson of the esoteric. As Hamlet says to Horatio, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

To be sure, there is knowledge beyond the tangibles of this world and it is found in the ether of spirit. 

What is this spirit I am inviting? Where does it abide? It’s the stuff I can’t see. The wind whistling in the trees. The breath of life, source, “creator” if you will. Our lives come to us through our senses and appear in tangibles—things we touch, feel, smell, hear, see. I’m most interested in all that is not apparent. Which is interesting, for me, because I am such a Taurus earth person with my feet on the ground, plodding along with my senses establishing a secure firm hold on my world. 

Tarot, for me, is my gateway to the unseen, what lies beyond the veil in the space between dimensions. Historically the Tarot is a system of symbols, a language come down to us through the ages. At the most basic level it is a deck of playing cards with pictures of situations marking the journey of a soul through the vagaries of everyday events. Colored pictures of figures, events, stories with icons from Egyptian, metaphysical, esoteric lore are blended into a tapestry rich in symbolic meanings. 

A tarot reading could be entitled “Where the Universal and Personal Collide,” as the vibrations of these symbols resonate on many levels of awareness for each individual reader. Those impressions blended with the archetypes of the collective unconscious create a unity of awareness. A system of symbolic meaning mythic and personal in their impact. As I parse through a reading I often wonder what connects the imprints of messages. What is the glue binding these “hits” to make a story, a message. I believe it is spirit which filters in and out of the bits and pieces of information like a ribbon. 

As I watch the clouds drifting in the sky drifting in and out of shapes it seems to me that our experience on this physical plane is similar. Consciousness focuses on elements of tangible existence. Who or what guides the focus of consciousness? Is this the veil the High Priestess guards so intently? That which separates us from the mysteries of beyond? The fascination with the unknown is real and cries out for a key to help open the door. What is my key?

The tarot. These cards with their pictures, colors, symbols, are the tool I use to connecting to my intuition. My intuition is the bridge to the world beyond where the workshop of the divine exists. Angels hammer out messages of the divine guidance, readying them for my reception. As everyone’s experience of the divine is different and calls for different path enhancers, the tarot is my tool of choice. And this is my experience. I hope the experiences shared here may benefit you on your journey.