Weekly Tarot Card – Queen of Wands Rx

IMG_9614Have you ever felt like climbing under the covers and hiding out for a day, or two or more? The invitations are flying in but you have an excuse for each. I’m too tired, I feel a cold coming on, my children need me…What is really at the root of this denial? Why are you refusing to come out of your shell and play in the world? 

The Queen of Wands is so adroit when it comes to socializing. She knows where to be, who to know, and how to make things happen between people. This is a talent which every great hostess has. She takes you around to all the people, introducing you, making you feel warm and welcomed. But sometimes the Queen gets cocky and over-reaches and makes mistakes. Her powers are not foolproof. Here she has suffered a reversal and has lost confidence in her abilities.

We say get over yourself and stop this nonsense of playing the shrinking violet. Time to get your groove back and go mix it up. Let your inner social butterfly come out of it’s cocoon. As sunflowers radiate and black cats purr, “Make some innocent mischief.”