New Year Tarot Reading

What follows is a sample reading of the following New Year Tarot Spread from Biddy Tarot.

2022 was a year of collaboration, working with other people, appreciating the group effort. No one is an island and the value of other people’s input makes the thing better and a success. There was general peace and harmony throughout the year with some celebration as we were coming out of Covid. This all makes for a feeling of stability and security. 

The next twelve months will be a time for truth-seeking and practical mindedness. Getting down to the essence, not accepting flimsy reasons and setting good personal boundaries with a sharp clear focus. It will be time to let people know what you want and how you want it. Clarify what you mean in all instances. You will be bold in this endeavor and sometimes a bit impulsive. You might get some blowback from others who don’t expect this new position from you. Stay true to your meaning and don’t let self-doubt or fear of change dull your aspiration to set your position. i.e. don’t let your mind or old programs sabotage yourself. You are in control of your thoughts. You and only you.

You will bring passion and optimism to your relationships. Get ready for some adventures! Your health and well-being will be good with perhaps a tendency to over-indulge in the good life. But generally speaking you will be in good health and that will reflect on your outlook and your generosity to others. 

You will spend time growing your spiritual energy and inner fulfillment. There is an abundance in this area and a fertile space for deepening and sharing. You are coming into a fullness here with a growing love and acceptance which manifests for the good of others. Nurture this area and allow it to grow your being.

In the year ahead your focus should be on manifesting through your gifts and talents to create a solid base for yourself in order to contribute to the benefit of others. You are a natural nurturer but you must know that your cup needs to be overflowing before you can share with others. Take good care of yourself in body, mind and spirit and you will happily help others to feel secure, loved and able to manifest for themselves.

To be responsible and accountable for oneself requires courage and perseverance. Once you have found your truth you must protect it and never give it away or fall victim to other people’s censure. There may be those who do not accept your new strength happily or they may be jealous and want to take you down. Draw upon your self-confidence, self-belief and know that you can overcome these tests.

Now is not the time to be apathetic or disheartened in any way. The task at hand is clear and the year ahead is filled with strengthening of self which will lead towards greater self-love and love for all. 

Weekly Tarot Card – The Magician

A magician typically pulls a rabbit out of a hat or makes the pretty lady disappear from the box after exclaiming a few choice syllables and waving a red handkerchief. Everyone oohs and ahhs because these creations appear out of the air…and it’s called magic.

This Magician of the Tarot is enlightened. He uses the elements of the earth, appearing here in the symbols of the Tarot, cup as water, pentacle as earth, sword as air and wand as fire, in order to manifest into physical reality the divine directives sent to him from heaven. His resources are within reach…laid out before him on his designer’s table. He is the human connector of the divine on earth and his form of magic is pure as the white of his tunic and vital as the red of his robe.

The Magician appears this week as Mercury goes direct and we leave the retrograde cycle. We press forward with new insights and revitalized energy, knowing that we have the resources at our fingertips to materialize our dreams onto this earthly realm. Let us align our purpose with the divinity within to create for the benefit of all.

Weekly Tarot Card – The Magician

You’ve got the power! …To manifest your desires. All the tools and resources are at your finger tips. Go create…but remember to connect heaven and earth in your deliberate creation and do not stray far from the benevolent source of all life. White for purity, red for vitality, the four tools of tarot energy–cup, pentacle, sword and wand. Let’s make a garden of beautiful flowers and travel together in a world of light. We’ve got the power!

Tennis and Tarot: Thoughts on the Champion’s Spirit

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.26.29 AM

It’s 6:30AM Wednesday morning. My half open eyes scroll through my twitter feed. “Nadal Beats Thiem in Marathon Five-Set Thriller,” “Another Epic Battle,” “Absolute Classic.” For close to five and half hours in severe heat and humidity, two gladiators with racquet and ball battled each other and themselves. In tennis someone wins and someone loses. That’s the game. However, this year’s US Open tennis tournament has a third player, a somewhat unwelcome guest at the table, namely the weather.

Record breaking temperatures reaching the hundreds on court with ultra-humid conditions have called for a variety of new rules encompassing an “extreme heat policy”—breaks between sets where players are ushered off court to rooms where they strip and jump into ice baths, ball kids rushing on court between sets to towel down pools of sweat where the players have stood in their hour long battles. Players, drenched to the bone, shouldering kit bags as they wander off court between games where they are allotted 90 seconds to change into dry outfits only to be soaked to the bone on their way back to the court to resume play. Commentators discuss ratios between games won in the shade as opposed to games won in the sun. But everyone knows that even when the sun goes down the heat and humidity remain the most stubborn of opponents.

And we, the spectators, what are we to take from watching these men and women battle in these severe conditions? I, myself, don’t see any semblance of the game I love. This is beyond the beautiful stroke-making, balletic moves, strategic chess moves played with racquet and ball. This is a battle against the elements. One player observes that it was “hard to get air.” Another complains about the pools of sweat creating hazardous slippery conditions. Zombie eyes, lumbering limbs, laboring breath, only the fittest survive. But what is this fitness? How do these athletes train for a steamy New York Indian summer? And is it purely physical? Is there a mental element?

What is it that drives these players to battle with such tenacity and perseverance under these ultimate conditions? Is there a switch that anesthetizes the body, mind and spirit against the agony of extreme weather? Some have described it as “a fire in the belly.” These special beings have passion, drive, they fight for each point and never give up. I would say this is the description of the tarot suit of wands. Fire, passion, action. They go into the fire and thrill at the agony with one burning intention—to win the match. At the end there’s the warrior’s embrace and then the victor’s outstretched arms defying the heavenly elements as if to say, “Even you I have conquered! Even you!” 

As we gear up for championship weekend where the women and men will be battling for titles, I think it’s more than appropriate to suggest that for this year’s US OPEN the tarot card most resembling the champion will be the Nine of Wands so emblematic of the great battles we are witnessing each day and night. Who will be the last man and last woman standing? 

Weekly Tarot Card – Queen of Wands Rx

IMG_9614Have you ever felt like climbing under the covers and hiding out for a day, or two or more? The invitations are flying in but you have an excuse for each. I’m too tired, I feel a cold coming on, my children need me…What is really at the root of this denial? Why are you refusing to come out of your shell and play in the world? 

The Queen of Wands is so adroit when it comes to socializing. She knows where to be, who to know, and how to make things happen between people. This is a talent which every great hostess has. She takes you around to all the people, introducing you, making you feel warm and welcomed. But sometimes the Queen gets cocky and over-reaches and makes mistakes. Her powers are not foolproof. Here she has suffered a reversal and has lost confidence in her abilities.

We say get over yourself and stop this nonsense of playing the shrinking violet. Time to get your groove back and go mix it up. Let your inner social butterfly come out of it’s cocoon. As sunflowers radiate and black cats purr, “Make some innocent mischief.”