Weekly Tarot Card – The Magician

A magician typically pulls a rabbit out of a hat or makes the pretty lady disappear from the box after exclaiming a few choice syllables and waving a red handkerchief. Everyone oohs and ahhs because these creations appear out of the air…and it’s called magic.

This Magician of the Tarot is enlightened. He uses the elements of the earth, appearing here in the symbols of the Tarot, cup as water, pentacle as earth, sword as air and wand as fire, in order to manifest into physical reality the divine directives sent to him from heaven. His resources are within reach…laid out before him on his designer’s table. He is the human connector of the divine on earth and his form of magic is pure as the white of his tunic and vital as the red of his robe.

The Magician appears this week as Mercury goes direct and we leave the retrograde cycle. We press forward with new insights and revitalized energy, knowing that we have the resources at our fingertips to materialize our dreams onto this earthly realm. Let us align our purpose with the divinity within to create for the benefit of all.

Weekly Tarot Card – Six of Swords

A mother and child sit huddled in a boat. Seven swords stand upright in front of them. Swords represent mind and thoughts signifying their victim mindset. They are trapped by their fears and doubts based on their past and present circumstances. HOWEVER, the oarsman is rowing the boat from troubled waters to smooth waters.The vista ahead is a lovely group of islands with clumps of feathery trees. In order to see the bright vision ahead it is sometimes necessary to leave the troubled past behind. This takes some faith and a hopeful mindset. Flip the switch and allow your mind to embrace magical thinking.

A Conversation with Susan Wands, author of “Magician and Fool”

In this conversation with Susan Wands, actress and author of “Magician and Fool,” we discuss Pamela Colman Smith, the Golden Dawn, tarot and how spirit and tarot connect.

Susan Wands is a graduate of the University of Washington and has written plays, adaptations, screenplays and sketches for theatre.

In 2018, she was a featured writer for Kindred Spirits magazine, a guest speaker for the New York Historical Novel Society and on Brigit Esselmont’s tarot podcast, ‘Biddy Tarot’. She has also appeared as a guest lecturer at Watkins Books in London for their Recorded Authors series. She has used Pamela’s tarot cards for guidance and inspiration for over twenty-five years.