Weekly Tarot Card – Six of Cups

Does your life need some sweetness? A gift of white flowers perhaps? Cups in tarot are all about the emotions, feelings, the free flow of the open heart. The number six signifies harmony, healing, family. In this picture we see an older boy giving a golden cup with a white flower to a smaller, we presume younger, girl. Looks like an older brother and his younger sister to me. The farm house in the background is perhaps the childhood home. We think back to a time when all was gentle and tender. The nostalgia of the past brings with it a rosy tint. Perhaps this is what’s needed for this week.

Weekly Tarot Card – Ten of Cups


What a delightful card for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. A happy family of husband and wife in a graceful embrace waving and dancing children look out to a verdant green landscape with blue stream running through it and a quaint cottage up on the hill. A radiant rainbow of ten golden cups arches up above shedding divine light on the entire scene. Whenever I see this card I am struck by the fact that the figures are faceless. In truth, the husband and wife face away from us. We have no idea to whom they are waving.┬áThis is the “everyman” family, the traditional picture of ultimate achievement in the suit of cups having to do with emotions, relationships, intuition, flow.

How does this picture resonate with you? Does it capture the comfort, security, and bliss at the top of your relationship scale? There are many different kinds of families. I knew a person who didn’t have a good relationship with her family and gave shelter and care to beings from the animal world. That was her family. The familial bond does not necessarily have to be by blood. It is fostered with love and caring. In the end we are one big family and the rainbow of golden cups shines on us all. Let us look to the good in each of us and expand the concept of family so the blessings of this holiday season travel gently on a path of love and light.


Weekly Tarot Card – Ten of Cups Reversed

IMG_0234The Buddha asks, “What is happiness?” The Ten of Cups, upright, is typically the picture of the ultimate happiness of civilization. A husband and wife with dancing son and daughter look off to their house in the distance in a fertile landscape of green hills and blue streams. Overhead a rainbow of ten sparkling illuminated golden cups blesses them as a sign of good fortune.

The reversal here asks you to consider what “happily ever after” means to you? How do you determine the happy family, rainbows and abundantly good fortune? Are they in your life? Family is community. We are not only talking about blood relatives. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of a family that loves and respects you for the person you are? Open your heart and reconnect with your family. Even if you have to build it.