Letting Go, Letting In: Hello to 2019

One of my favorite holiday traditions is attending a New Year’s Eve party where we participate in a ritual of letting go and letting in. After some time of mingling, drinking, eating and making merry, the hosts pass out little pieces of paper and pens and we are instructed to write on one side what we choose to let go of in the new year and on the other side what we choose to let in during the new year. Then we are instructed to place the piece of paper in a big copper bowl. ┬áThe papers are mixed around and then the bowl is passed from one person to the next; we are sitting in a circle at this point. Each person picks out a piece of paper, reads out loud each side (in 2019 I choose to release…and in 2019 I choose to let in…). After reading the words out loud, we pass the paper back to the host who lights a flame and sends the intention into the air as the paper burns out in the bowl.

I’ve been doing some thinking as I ready myself for tonight’s festivities. This year I did a lot of letting go–some relationships that were no longer serving my higher purpose, patterns of behavior which blocked my spiritual growth. At the same time I let in some truly wonderful people, awesome practices such as tarot and crystals which helped me connect to my intuition and step onto the heart path. In keeping with these I decided to pull two cards for tonight’s intention. And here they are.

IMG_0069Tonight I will be letting go of intolerance, the critic and a combative nature and letting in heart, flow, compassion and acceptance. Blessings to all. And Happy New Year!

Weekly Tarot Card – Ten of Cups Reversed

IMG_0234The Buddha asks, “What is happiness?” The Ten of Cups, upright, is typically the picture of the ultimate happiness of civilization. A husband and wife with dancing son and daughter look off to their house in the distance in a fertile landscape of green hills and blue streams. Overhead a rainbow of ten sparkling illuminated golden cups blesses them as a sign of good fortune.

The reversal here asks you to consider what “happily ever after” means to you? How do you determine the happy family, rainbows and abundantly good fortune? Are they in your life? Family is community. We are not only talking about blood relatives. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of a family that loves and respects you for the person you are? Open your heart and reconnect with your family. Even if you have to build it.