Weekly Tarot Card – Six of Swords

Traveling through smoother waters

Bringing along the water theme for another week we have a fellow rowing a woman and her little one to greener pastures. They seem to be traveling from rough waters to smoother waters, an auspicious direction. We take heart in the fact that nothing stays the same and even if you feel blocked or trapped in an unhappy situation there are those around who can help. Perhaps the question(s) here is/are what is standing in your way? Are you holding onto old patterns of thought, belief, behavior because that is customary and what you expect? Or can you allow yourself to get beyond these paradigms that have never been and certainly are not useful now to dream/see/envision a new and better way? You might think you need an oarsman but what if you are your own oarsman?

Weekly Tarot Card – Five of Wands

Everybody has an opinion and each of us wants to be heard. But if we’re all talking at once we can’t be heard and we can’t hear others. It’s time to play like the grownups in the room. Free speech is only free if we act with civility. How about we agree to let each person speak. Then, even before the discourse begins, we won’t act in fear and feel the need to rush in and voice our expressions. We will go around the room in an orderly fashion confident in the knowledge that we will be heard and we will hear others. Conflict has no place in mindful expression. You can be true to your position and appreciate diversity. Who knows, you might learn something new or change your mind!