Weekly Tarot Card – Ten of Cups

IMG_0240There’s no doubt about it, things are lining up for a big success. The fellow in the picture is smiling as he sits on a wooden bench with arms akimbo in front of a blue curtained platform on which a line of nine beautiful golden cups stand. All is illuminated and there is a feeling of comfort and satisfaction from the fulfillment of wishes. This is why the nine of cups is often called the wish card and so perhaps there is a happy alignment in areas of your life and you are enjoying a moment of bliss. Yes, you can relish this delightful confluence of happiness. Take stock of this feeling and anchor it in an expression of gratitude. You will want to remember it when the pendulum swings the other way.

Weekly Tarot Card – Two of Swords Reversed

IMG_0225.jpegIn Tarot swords typically have to do with mental activity, thoughts and communication. Twos are duality, choice and decisions. The picture shows a blindfolded woman sitting on a bench in front of a body of wavy water. She holds a sword in each hand and her hands are crossed in front of her heart. She is balanced and stable but fixed; however, because she is blindfolded we feel she is unable, perhaps refusing, to see the options clearly in order to make a choice or decision. Her white robe signifies purity and perhaps innocence. Is the blindfold of her own making? ┬áIn its reversed position, the Two of Swords is encouraging us to make a decision–to come to terms with this period of stasis and to get past that feeling of hoping things will take care of themselves and that the situation will find its conclusion on its own accord. The swords point downwards; it is time to remove the blindfold and see the options for what they are and to make a choice. You know more than you think you do. Trust in your perception. The waters ahead will always have rocks and obstacles. That’s a given. Make a choice and ride it through. You can always change course if you need to.

Weekly Tarot Card – The Chariot Reversed

IMG_0211The Chariot is all about accessing and using one’s will and determination to manifest. You have the power to make things happen. The charioteer is ready and the sphinxes are awaiting his command. They are black and white symbolizing the duality of personal power, how the qualities of light and dark must work together for the best result. However here in this week’s card pull the Chariot is reversed. So beware of self-doubting, procrastination, the choir of negative voices in your mind starting to warm up for a concert. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE STAGE. Dig deep within yourself and reaffirm your intentions, call upon your higher self and your guides for support. Notice there’s a pretty lady in the left hand corner of the picture here springing to life? Like the charioteer who needs no reins because the power is within himself, so too like the lady here your energy and self-belief plus perseverance and determination are all within you to pull on to get the job done. Let light illumine your way and reach for the stars.

Weekly Tarot Card – Justice

IMG_0193Justice sits on a throne wearing a red robe holding a double-edged sword in her right hand of action and golden scales in her left hand of intuition. The sword is upright and cuts through matter with logic and clarity. The scales harken back to Egyptian mythology when the dead person’s heart was placed on the scale and weighed against a feather placed on the other side. If the scale remained balanced the dead person was able to go to Paradise. Which brings us to the question…how heavy is your heart? And are you combining it with your logic to make your decisions? For that matter, what is justice? How is it given? Is it the difference between right and wrong, fair and unfair, just and unjust? And who makes the call? The person seeking justice or the person giving it? When making decisions we seek the truth because we know that each decision we make has an effect. We may not see or feel it right away but in the karmic cycle of life we will. This week we pay attention to the effects of our decisions and we do not take lightly the import of our actions.

Weekly Tarot Card – Two of Cups Reversed

img_0183Perhaps there’s a snag in that great new romance. Or maybe your work partner and you are not seeing eye to eye on a particular issue. Something is in the air and it isn’t very pleasant. When the waters of emotion were flowing and all was in perfect alignment the world was rosy and happily ever after seemed more real than a fairy tale. But reality has its ups and downs and the nature of relationship is just that…relating. We need to find alignment in our misalignment. There are times when we will see the other’s point of view and perhaps that will cause us to adjust ours. And other times when we see their point of view and choose to stick with ours. This exercise is a lesson in the art of acceptance, of when to choose battles and when to raise the chalice to toast another day. This week choose to work through the challenges with the vision of a perfect union as inspiration.

Weekly Tarot Card – Page of Cups

img_0172What would you do if you lifted a beautiful golden chalice up to your lips for a sip and a fish jumped out of it? You’d probably jump with surprise yourself! Life is full of surprises, good and bad. This week we think the surprises will be positive, lacking in harm, of a joyful perhaps inspirational nature. Maybe you’ll be graced with an inspirational idea, a new friendship, or something spontaneous and unusual, quite unexpected. Don’t be alarmed. You’re on steady ground (the rolling waves are behind you) and you can handle a bit of frivolity right now.

Weekly Tarot Card – The Emperor

img_0156There he sits, the wise Emperor, on his throne of stone with the figurines of rams standing guard. He might have a long white beard but his cloak of red hearkens to his vitality and readiness to impart to us all that he has experienced and learned in his many years of ruling. His alert eyes aren’t about to let anything get by him. This is a great card to pull early on in the new year. We are at the start of our plans, resolutions, implementation of new ideas. The Emperor reminds us to build carefully and to put our emphasis on building strong foundations for stability and longevity.