Weekly Tarot Card – Eight of Pentacles Reversed

IMG_2698“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Are you feeling a tied to your work, a bit like a cog in the wheel? If so, this card says it’s time to take a break from the workaday routine, perhaps go for a walk and see the big picture. You have been very diligent mastering and applying your skills and are amassing good results from your persistence. However, there is a point where the routine can become stultifying. Don’t let that happen. The holidays are upon us. Go celebrate!

Weekly Tarot Card – Nine of Swords Reversed

IMG_2655The mind is a terrible thing to waste…on worries, conundrums, fears, anxieties, thoughts that you can’t control. Or maybe you can control them by refusing to allow them to take over your life. We see a woman waking up from a bad dream (her hands cradle her forehead) and nine swords fly through the dark night above her head. However, in this upside down image of reversal, the swords are on the bottom and the brightly colored flowers of the coverlet on the bed appear up top. The buddha’s lips seem to blow life into these flowers as if to say, “Focus your mind on the beautiful uplifting creations of the universe rather than the dark stratagems elicited from fear and worry. “Don’t worry, be happy.” You are leaving the entrapment of negativity.

Weekly Tarot Card – Six of Pentacles Reversed

IMG_2602The image of the wealthy man giving coins to one beggar as one looks on while he holds a scale in his other hand is upside down. Coins seem to leap out of the picture, perhaps more noticeably with the reversed image. When our world is topsy turvy, whether in our inner being or by some external force of nature or persons, the concept of giving of ones resources be they financial, energetic or physical in nature, holds true. In giving we receive and in receiving we give. Not every giving needs to have the justification of scales. Sometimes it just needs to be an act of unconditional love.

Weekly Tarot Card – Justice Reversed

IMG_2553They say that Justice is blind and that the scales she holds will determine the verdict. Truth and fairness and clear thinking are the keys. But here the sword is pointed downwards and surely the scales will not hold whatever is placed on them to be weighed as they too are upside down. Is this a call to look inwards and face a personal burden of responsibility? Is there a situation that needs mending? Before we can solve the injustice of the world we must come clean with whatever offenses might be buried within our psyche. Let’s face the music, perhaps ask for forgiveness and allow justice to find its rightful upright position.

Weekly Tarot Card – Ace of Cups

AceofCupsLove love love is what it’s all about this week. The expression “My cup runneth over” is apt as the dove of peace brings the wafer of forgiveness to the waters of love running over the rim of the golden cup held by the hand of god appearing out of the clouds in a blue blue sky. The water sustains the lilies dotting the surface of the pool of  blue water. To Buddhists the water lily is a symbol of enlightenment, purity, and divine birth. The beautiful bloom emerges from the mud. Peace love and mercy. The spirit of the holidays approaches.

Weekly Tarot Card – Knight of Cups

IMG_2430A handsome knight on a white horse offers a golden chalice. Is it filled with a love potion? He is ready to cross the stream to your side where desert mountains loom large. He offers the comfort of heart flow, love and the trust of a good friend. Being that he wears red fish on his cloak we think he might be an artist, perhaps a musician or painter. And even if this is just a dream isn’t it nice to enjoy the prospect of love in your life?

Weekly Tarot Card – Four of Wands

IMG_2341Homecoming! Marriage Celebration! Joy! Plans have found a harmonious completion and it is party time! How reassuring it is to know that the seeds we have sown, the plans we have hatched, are beginning to bear fruit. The four wands in the foreground are stable posts which hold up the structure of merriment. Family, gathering, good cheer abounds as the necessity of structure and harmony form the basis of aligned goodness.