Weekly Tarot Card – Three of Pentacles

IMG_0441Pentacles are earth and business, three are trios and a balance of energy. Here we have a collegial scene. A wealthy business man, churchman and artisan confer on the building of a cathedral. What strikes me today is the respectful positioning of the artisan. He is standing on a workbench higher than the other two and in fact seems to be shining a light on the plans held by the wealthy patron. This is the new order where all work together in an attitude of mutual respect. Bring this attitude to work this week and see if things go along more smoothly.  It is good to remember that each of us has unique gifts and talents that are necessary to make the thing work.

Weekly Tarot Card – Page of Pentacles

IMG_0402A young man stands on a grassy knoll strewn with flowers. He gazes rapturously at the gold coin he holds in front of him. He is a harbinger of opportunity, perhaps a young King Midas in the making, as the sky around him is illumined in gold. In the distance is farmland being readied for seeding, a lush forest of trees and blue mountains. He himself wears the colors of vitality, green and red. Perhaps a young person will come into your life this week offering an opportunity, a possibility, some new business venture. Or perhaps a seed of new possibility will grow within you. Take notice.  Perhaps you will decide to plant it and watch your garden grow.

Weekly Tarot Card – King of Pentacles

IMG_0347This week be on the lookout for a wealthy businessman, entrepreneur, bon vivant to step into your life. Perhaps he’s a wealthy uncle or the boss from overseas. He ushers in the good life, enjoys wining and dining and brings a sense of security and abundance. Don’t be too fooled by the ease and abandon. Notice the heads of bulls on this king’s throne? They refer to his Taurean nature where he can be stubborn and a bit narrow minded. However, it takes a lot to ruffle this fellow. He’s happy to enjoy the fruits of his labor and to extend this bounty to all in his sphere. Or perhaps this is a week for you to dream big and to treat yourself to a luxury item just to see how it feels…

Weekly Tarot Card – Ace of Pentacles

IMG_0328A hand appears out of a puffy cloud offering a bright golden coin with a star etched in the center. Energetic rays of white light rain down on a beautiful verdant landscape of white flowers with a path heading towards a flowery bower and blue mountains in the distance.  This week keep a lookout for a new opportunity perhaps in business and finance. A seed of potential will appear which will offer the chance to grow a green pasture. Don’t be too literal on how this may manifest. Just keep your nose in the air so you can sniff out the scent of opportunity and capitalize on it should that be your fancy.

Weekly Tarot Card – Seven of Swords

IMG_0279We see an encampment with colorful tents. Is it a battleground or an amusement park? In the background are figures but we don’t know if they’re warriors or carny folk. The fancy-dressed fellow carrying the five swords looks to be sneaking away. Tiptoeing in broad daylight he leaves behind two swords. His smile says everything. The games afoot and he is getting away with something. Often seen as the card of betrayal we ask you this week whether you are the one betrayed or are you perhaps harboring secrets, intrigue, strategic plans for your advantage. If so be judicious with what you take with you and what you leave behind. 

Weekly Tarot Card – Four of Cups

IMG_0264Have you ever had opportunities come your way that didn’t excite you? It doesn’t make sense to your friends or family members and it doesn’t really make sense to you. In your right mind you should be delighted. But something doesn’t feel right. This card with the fellow sitting under the tree in contemplation, some would say meditation, who has chosen to ignore the three golden cups standing at attention by his feet or the one being offered by a hand coming out of a cloud in the sky (very much like the hand of God) signals a state of ambivalence. His arms are folded across his chest in a defensive posture. He’s chosen to retreat within himself. Perhaps he seeks a deeper alignment with his true self. Will you meditate this week and ask yourself the question, “What do I want?”

Weekly Tarot Card – Four of Swords

IMG_0258A knight in armor rests on a bier in a church. His hands are in prayer position. Three swords hang on the wall pointing downwards, one sword rests horizontally underneath. We feel this is a time of rest and stasis. A nurturing scene of a woman and child is illustrated in the stained glass window. Have you been going and going? Perhaps to finish a project, or start one? It is now time for a rest, especially in the realm of mental activity. This card reminds us that after much activity, perhaps tension and stress, it is necessary to step back, be silent in solitude and re-charge one’s battery. Some meditation to clear your mind would be very good at this time…and always.