Weekly Tarot Card – Death

IMG_0768A knight rides on a white horse waving a black banner with a white rose. Seems innocent enough. However, upon closer inspection, we see that this knight is a sepulchral figure adorned in armor trampling over a variety of beings including a king, clergyman, young child and mother. The message here is that Death comes to us all; there is no escape. But what to do with this information for it is really quite bleak, isn’t it? The answer lies in the card. When we look more closely we notice signs of life…the white rose of rebirth and the sun arising in the distance between the two pillars. After death comes life, just like the African violet bloom at the top left corner of the picture here. It is on its way out, having bloomed into fruition, and is now making way for new blooms to come along. Nothing lasts forever. With this understanding of endings–whether relationships, family members passing, loss of a job–let us remind ourselves that on the other side of death is life and the prospect of new beginnings.

Weekly Tarot Card – Page of Swords

IMG_0752A young person looks in one direction and points their foot in that direction where a sword held in their hands points in the opposite direction as does the rest of their body. The sky is blue with puffs of white clouds, a flock of birds circles in the distance. The figure stands on a green promontory jutting out of a body of water. Mountains and trees appear in the distance. Swords in Tarot usually indicate thoughts, ideas, mental activity. We feel that this young person is curious about the future but with some slight indecision or hesitation. There is a bit of restlessness here with energy scattered in opposite directions. Perhaps a young person will come into your life this week with lots of questions and an unending sense of curiosity. Or perhaps you yourself will embrace that energy of curiosity and follow the inspiration of new ideas, thoughts, concepts.

Weekly Tarot Card – Five of Cups

IMG_0581In the picture the fellow with the hidden face cloaked by a midnight blue robe sees only the three overturned cups on the ground in front of him spilling green and red liquid. He does not see the two standing upright behind him. He has allowed himself to be mired in a despair so great he does not see the bridge over the water to the castle on the other side where, perhaps, his love stays waiting for him to resume her. If he could lift his head up and take a look around he could spot these possible solutions to his problems. It is a cautionary tale instructing us to resist self-pity and the inertia from succumbing to despair. The bridge is illuminated and stands out as a beacon–a bridge over troubled waters indeed. If this resonates, may you find your bridge over troubled waters this week.

Weekly Tarot Card – Queen of Cups Reversed

IMG_0520 2The Queen of Cups is attuned to the intuition and emotions. She gazes meditatively at a beautiful golden cup with angel arms which she holds in her hands. Her feet tiptoe into the waters surrounding her throne which is adorned with water nymphs. This queen rules and is ruled by the heart and her compassion knows no bounds. In its reversed position, we feel the emphasis is on self-care. Perhaps this is the time to nurture your own emotional health before others, soothing over any harshness coming from self-criticism or disappointment.

Weekly Tarot Card – Four of Wands Reversed

IMG_0509Four is the number of stability and wands is the suit of passion. The picture shows a scene of celebration, perhaps a wedding ceremony or homecoming of sorts. We feel the reversal here points to disharmony. Perhaps it is taking longer for plans that you have put into action to reach a stage of conclusion. Is there some instability in your home life, relationship with loved ones (family members, life partner)? Or perhaps you are suffering from self-doubt and internal disharmony. The task it to get back to balance and alignment. Be creative and think outside the box to address this course to self-alignment with any of the many modalities around–meditation, crystal healing, chakra cleansing, to name but a few. All is well.

Weekly Tarot Card – The Lovers Reversed

IMG_0504Even though the card is pulled in reversed position the angel still blesses the two young lovers. Perhaps the blessing is needed even more at this time and therefore the accentuation. In fact all things point to the outstretched hands in front of the wings against the radiant rays of a bright sun. The reversal here encourages us to look inwards this week and examine our relationships. What does duality mean to us? How do we relate to others at work, in our family, our love relationships? Are we willing to accept others who are different from us and respect their differences in order to make a union with another? The naked lovers are innocent in their sharing. The Angel Raphael blesses the divine connection and the healing that occurs from it.


Weekly Tarot Card – Seven of Wands

IMG_0480The fellow in the picture stands on top of a hill straddled over a stream of water with a wand in his hands. He is fending off six wands whose owners (we do not see) as if in battle.  The message is all about him and his action of protecting his turf. When you’re on top of the hill there will be those coming after you. Expect the competition and be prepared to do what is necessary to hold your ground.  It’s part of success and achievement because human nature is so linked to the reptilian urge for survival. This week expect some political fracas in the structures of your life–at home, the office, school. A bit of healthy competition can provide energy and impetus for forward movement. Don’t be a victim. Rise to the challenge.